Our Purpose

Promoting access to justice and restoring equality, justice & peace

through dialogue, mediation, restorative justice, peacemaking and education

Our Vision

To be a world-class mediation, peacemaking & restorative justice institution by

promoting our services, and

equipping and supporting practitioners

in every country, province, city, town, village and settlement in Africa

Our Mission

Leading the industry in the development of skilled and competent human capital and infrastructure through

- Effective coordination of skills development interventions

based on industry-directed qualifications,

- Focusing on learning programmes,

- Promoting learner placement, and

- Building infrastructure 

Our Values

* Inclusivity and representativity

* Honesty and integrity

* Accountability

* Service excellence 

* Fairness and transparency

Our Services

Dialogue, Mediation, Peacemaking and Restorative Justice services in 

Family, Civil & Commercial, Community, Criminal and Workplace Disputes

Education, Ongoing Training and Support services for 

Dialogue Facilitators, Mediators, Peacemakers and Restorative Justice Practitioners

Membership Organisation for

Dialogue Facilitators, Mediators, Peacemakers and Restorative Justice Practitioners


​Operations Management of

our network of members and communities​


High-level cooperation with

the courts, justice systems, relevant government departments and stakeholders to promote access to justice and early settlement of disputes