Family Bureau is driven by passionate key individuals who understand the challenges in a changing society, where families face difficulties as a result of divorce, relationship break-up, single parenting and the financial constraints associated with many of these cases.

We live in a society where 62% of children don't grow up with both biological parents in one household.  This figure represents about 13 million children in SA and it places a heavy burden on the capacity of the Department of Justice to attend to maintenance cases.

Family Bureau believes that many problems with the current maintenance system can be addressed by a combined effort between Government, credit providers and credit consumers affected by maintenance orders. 

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Family Bureau aspires to fulfill the important role between relevant stakeholders and the public, to assist:

  • Maintenance courts with the submission of maintenance orders and the personal information of maintenance defaulters in terms of legislative requirements; 

  • Credit providers with the implementation of legislation in respect of maintenance orders, relating to the providing of credit to persons with maintenance obligations and to steer clear of giving reckless credit; and

  • Members of the public / consumers affected by maintenance orders who may suffer as a result of the granting of reckless