What We Do

We offer a variety of court-annexed and private mediation services to the public through our accredited and trained members. Our members have expertise in community, civil & commercial, criminal, divorce, family, maintenance and workplace disputes.  


We offer a variety of accredited training courses for Civil & Commercial, Divorce & Family, Peacemaker, Restorative Justice and Workplace mediators and practitioners.


We offer membership to:

# Peacemakers,

# Court-annexed Mediators

# Civil & Commercial Mediators,

# Divorce & Family Mediators,

# Maintenance Mediators

# Restorative Justice Practitioners,

# Workplace Mediators, and

# Master Mediators


We have members in various African countries. To service the need of our members we are hosting conferences each year.  


Our mediators, peacemakers and practitioners are divided into different categories of professions and expertise to assist members of the public to find the best person to assist.