Peacemaking is the entry level for Alternative Dispute Resolution.  Peacemaking fits into the space of matters that don't necessarily require a legal outcome, including disputes between individuals which are not defined by criminal, civil or labour law.  


Currently Restorative Justice Practitioners in South Africa mainly deal with criminal matters, but the discipline is not limited to that.  Experts and stakeholders have pulled together and agreed on certain minimum standards for the industry.  The South African Restorative Justice Accreditation Body (SARJAB) was established in 2019 and persons who are affiliated to ADR membership organizations who successfully complete the required training may become accredited RJ Practitioners.

Peacemakers must successfully complete the following training module:

1.  24-hour Social Justice generic peacemaker training course, or 


2.  24-hour Social Justice Bible based peacemaker training course


             Bellville                   14 - 16 August 2019