The Foundation

The MJ Naidoo Social Justice Foundation was launched on the 16th June 2007. The Foundation is an initiative set up by the family of MJ Naidoo and supported by a number of political activists to create an institution whereby social justice and social transformation issues within the South African context can be debated and nurtured.

A fundamental challenge facing every society is to create political, economic and social systems that promote peace and human welfare. The Foundation believes that the best way to meet this challenge is to encourage projects that promote justice and good government which are sustainable over a long term. These projects can either be the initiative of organizations and individuals whose practices are consistent with the principles of the Foundation or activities planned as collaborations with the Foundation.

The Foundation will focus its efforts on primarily those activities that are geared towards:

• Strengthening democratic values
• Supporting human rights, dignity and justice
• Encouraging social activism

The Foundation will support these initiatives by providing grants for innovative thinking and activities, by hosting forums for debate on contemporary issues or funding research.

The Foundation is an independent trust, which will be supported by a Board, initially Chaired by Roy Padayachee, Deputy Minister of Telecommunications.