Public Debate 16 June 2008 – Presentations

June 17th, 2008

The MJ Naidoo Foundation for Social Justice Hosted a discussion forum titled “the Current challenges and opportunities in building democracy in South Africa and Region”

This Forum was hosted in collaboration with the University of Kwa Zulu Natal (UKZN) and held on the 16th June 2008. Four schools in Durban were invited to make a presentation providing a perspective from young people to the Forum. The Following presentations were delivered

  1. Khatija Jazbhay – Crescent Girl’s High School (Download Presentation)
  2. Xolani Mkhize New West Secondary School (Download Presentation)
  3. Tiffany Gordon Hillview Senior Secondary School (Download Presentation)
  4. Monique Rall – Danville Park Girls’ High School (Download Presentation)

Invitation to the Forum for Public Debate 16 June 2008

June 13th, 2008
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Invitation to the MJ Naidoo Social Justice Foundation Forum for Public Debate

The MJ Naidoo Social Justice Foundation, Invites you to attend a Forum for Public Debate on the “current challenges and opportunities for democracy in South Africa and the Region”. The event will take place on the 16 June 2008 at the University of KwaZulu Natal (Westville), T Block Lecture Theatre. The Foundation will also launch its Social Justice Blog at the event.

The MJ Naidoo Foundation was established on the 16 June 2007, in tribute to MJ Naidoo, whose ideals of non-violence, racial equality, and peace have served to inspire generations of social activists.

The Foundation will host the first of many forums, on the 16 June 2008, to encourage debate on building democracy in South Africa. This event will invite individuals and organizations with a keen interest in social justice and who demonstrate and contribute to the spirit of humanity in our society to become part of the activities of the Foundation and contribute to the debates that will be hosted, both physically and through the Social Justice Blog,( which will be launched on the 16 June 2008.

This event will include inputs from youth of four different schools, which will be followed by presentations from political commentators, from within and outside of government, who will respond to the issues raised by the youth.

For more information about the event download the official Invitation.

Article: What the Zimbabwean crisis costs South Africa

June 13th, 2008
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Written by Jayendra Naidoo

South Africa’s actions and interventions around Zimbabwe’s election will have a crucial influence on the developments there. While many question the role of South Africa and its right to intervene, the real question is whether we can afford not to intervene.

Article: We are all to blame

June 13th, 2008
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Written by Jay Naidoo

Primrose refugee camp is filled with hundreds of men, women and children who like millions of others came to South Africa looking for a better life. For many, their dream of our miracle nation lies in ashes of burned homes. Meeting these refugees brought back memories of the deadly violence in the early 1990s that claimed so many lives in our contest against the apartheid state. The bitter irony is that this time it has happened on OUR WATCH.